Meeting business objectives with IoT

In early 2020 we measured the success rate of IoT projects – and it was low. In 2023 we have measured it again – and there has been a 28% improvement. Some initial business objectives are increasingly being met with IoT solutions, but key ones are not, particularly with IoT becoming a more central part of business operations.

Key questions related to this include:

  • What has been achieved?
  • What do businesses really want from their IoT solutions?
  • To what extent are business objectives for IoT changing?
  • What part can latest IoT technologies play in delivering these?
  • How to measure IoT success when business objectives change?

This unique report includes findings from 1 on 1 interviews with industry experts and results from FOUR recent surveys of enterprises users, product manufacturers and service providers.  It also includes real world insights on our findings from technology experts.

In recent years, there has been a considerable drive towards simplifying IoT deployment and use of IoT solutions, while at the same time those solutions have become increasingly complex. How is this working out?

As featured in this report:

This 100+ page report includes:

  • Achieving key business objectives using IoT
  • Exclusive interviews with senior executives in the IoT market
  • Research findings from 4 recent user surveys
  • Technical detail on leading IoT technologies
  • Real-world insights on our research findings from IoT experts
  • Case studies on measuring IoT success

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